Systematic Testing and OSHA Inspections Are Key to Good Dental Care with Dr. Sam Muslin

Laurance Levinne, CEO of California Medical Compliance Company and OSHA inspector understands better than most people what it takes to get patients in the dental chair.  Clean and sterilized instruments and surfaces as well as following strict OSHA guidelines keeps dental patients safe. Most dental professionals do not and cannot afford to neglect these guidelines as we saw in the Tulsa Oklahoma dentist case.  For Mr. Levinne, no dental environment is as clean or as safe as Dr. Muslin’s office.

For Dr. Sam Muslin, media coverage on isolated cases like Tulsa blemish the good work of nearly 150,000 dentists who do their due diligence to not only make patients comfortable but safe as well.  With nearly 30 years experience in reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry in the Southern California area, Dr. Muslin understands and follows these regulations to the letter.  Sterilization with an autoclave for every piece of equipment that comes into contact with a patient is of extreme importance in his office.  Every assistant and hygienist must also wear protective gloves, eyewear and masks.

While infection in a dental environment is rare, every precaution is taken in Dr. Muslin’s office.  Private rooms with cutting-edge technology allows every patient under Dr. Muslin’s care to receive exceptional safety with a touch of comfort.  For dental care safety and expertise, look to Dr. Sam Muslin.

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