Study Finds a Gum Disease and Impotence Link

A new study suggests that impotence isn’t only a problem which old men are at risk of but also younger men, particularly those suffering from extreme cases of periodontitis, also known as gum disease.

Conducted by Taiwan-based researchers, the study worked with data gathered from a sample size of nearly 33,000 men suffering from erectile dysfunction conditions. The study also randomly picked a total of 162,000 men without any erectile dysfunction conditions, as a control or comparison group in relation to the study.

12% of the study’s participants suffered from gum disease, as it was learned that 27% of the erectile dysfunction group was suffering from periodontitis, as 9% of those with no gum disease suffered from gum disease.

The participants’ conditions were tracked and followed for a period of five years.

All in all, the study had learned that gum disease or periodontities was found to be more common and prevalent in men suffering from erectile dysfunction, as opposed to those in the comparison or control group.

Lifestyle factors, like pre-existing medical conditions and income were considered, and after taking them into consideration, the study learned that periodontitis cases and its link with impotence occurs in men who are younger than 30 years old and older than 70 years old.

Dr. Tobias Kohler, member of the American Urology Association Public Media Committee shares in an official press statement referring to the study – “Understanding all aspects of how and why a health condition occurs is vital to prevention and treatment goals. This new study demonstrates how seemingly unrelated conditions can in fact be connected, underscoring the need for further research and education.”

Though the study did establish a link between erectile dysfunction and gum disease, it did not note that periodontitis or gum disease can cause or lead to impotence.

A number of theories pertaining to the link have, however, come up.

One theory over the link between gum disease and erectile dysfunction hails from Dr Aaron Katz, Chairman of the Department of Urology in Winthrop University Hospital, Mineola, New York.

Dr. Katz shares “I think the link between erectile dysfunction and gum disease is likely due to inflammation in the body, and the damage in the blood vessels supplying the penis.”

The study’s results are still to be presented in the nest American Urological Association in Atlanta, and has not yet been in a medical journal, but as it is, its results have suggested a lot of inquiries over the connection between gum disease and impotence.

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