Over Bite Correction – No Braces and No Surgery

Overbite Correction with no Surgery or Braces

When you go to this particular overbite correction case study, you will see how Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive Face Lift Dentistry ® treatment can correct a deep overbite with out grinding down the patient’s natural teeth.  His technology can biologically reposition the patients lower jaw to achieve a much improve facial profile without jaw surgery.

Larger Chin without Implants

He can make the patient’s chin look much larger without surgery with his deep overbite correction method.   For those patients with large chins he can also make the large chin look smaller with is under bite correction methods.

His non-invasive dentistry can transform the patients face in a very short period of time while helping his patients live lives with their natural healthy teeth remaining intact.  See the following case study and view one of the most extensive collections of untouched and unaltered photos on the Internet today.

In order to help everyone find the best overbite correction dentistry available today that is non-invasive and non-surgical we are spelling it two different ways.  One way is overbite correction and the other is over bite correction.

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