Nutrition and Periodontitis

Poor nutrition is the cause of many health conditions, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Poor nutrition as a whole promotes a low quality of life and health in those who don’t take care of their nutritional needs. Now there is evidence that eating the right foods can cut down your chances of developing periodontitis. “Periodontitis can be caused by a number of factors including hormonal changes from pregnancy, prescription medications and diseases such as HIV and cancer”, says Dr. Mark W. Langberg.

Proper nutrition can cut down your risk of periodontitis.

However, there is good news for those who want to reduce their risk of developing periodontitis. Eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables can cut down your risk for periodontitis and may actually eliminate the disease after its onset. Experts recommend eating colorful foods, such as apples, bananas and tomatoes. Doing so gives the body extra nutrients that boost the immune system and increase your intake of antioxidants. Antioxidants are beneficial to one’s well being. They fight diseases and strengthen body tissues, including the teeth and gums.

Physical activity is also essential to maintaining good nutrition and better overall health. When combined with a good balance of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, the body is better equipped to fight off intruders, such as plaque and gum erosion. Periodontitis develops when gums are inflamed by bacteria the live in the mouth. These bacteria bond themselves to the teeth and gums.

Vitamin D, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids have many health benefits, including the ability to “travel into the arteries of your teeth,” according to Calcium found in milk products also has the ability to strengthen teeth and bones. Calcium also wards off conditions, such as osteoporosis, so consuming dairy products is beneficial. A lack of calcium in your diet as a whole can weaken bones and increase your chances of developing a host of other health conditions. Consuming adequate amounts of calcium also decreases your risk of periodontitis.

Fish, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, has the ability to fight off diseases. Consuming fish can strengthen teeth and can ward off gum inflammation typically caused by periodontitis and plaque.

Proper nutrition and oral health are codependent in promoting good dental health and reducing your risk for periodontitis. If you don’t get enough nutrition from the foods you eat, it may be beneficial to take a nutritional supplement, such as a daily vitamin. When combined with good oral hygiene, consuming healthy foods can boost immunities and make you less likely to develop periodontitis.

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