How Much Do Dental Porcelain Veneer Costs?

veneersA very genuine and fix question for any business is how much you have to spend in it. Dentistry is also one of those fields where cost plays an important role. Every patient asks the same question to their dentists and in many cases it becomes the first questions. Obviously, the answer is not that easy when you consider porcelain veneers for your smile makeovers. It is not a matter of being vague because of lot of issues that must be taken into consideration in cost finalization.

Your expectations and doctor’s skills with location of dental office will greatly impact the final cost. Medical insurance may cover some portion in some cases but not in all. The reason is veneers placing are considered as an elective cosmetic dentistry, so the most of the bill have to be paid out of your pocket.

It is genuine to expect high cost for a celebrity smile in big cities because of huge demand in high lifestyle society. It is not necessary that you have to visit a metro city to find a highly qualified veneer placing dentist as he/she may be found in nearby suburb.

In the USA, an average fees range is around $1,100 per tooth to $8,800 for an eight teeth restoration process. This average cost may vary from $650 to $2500 per tooth to $5,200 to $20,000 for eight anterior teeth excluding the consultation cost ($50 to $200). You also have to pay for dental lab fees, tooth impression waxes, and other additional costs. You can negotiate the cost to your dentist.

Factors affecting the porcelain veneer cost:

The porcelain veneer cost depends on various factors but usually it is always case specific. It depends on how the problem being addressed. Various common factors affecting the cost are as below:

  • Color of adjacent teeth,
  • Deep discoloration teeth, is it a problem for you?
  • Level of smile you want (celebrity smile or based on your suitability),
  • Number of current dental filling and material used in filling,
  • Number of damaged tooth,
  • Presence of any decay and gingivitis or just want to cover the dental fluorosis marks,
  • Required length of your teeth,
  • Signs of bruxism (teeth grinding),
  • Teeth alignment (normal or tilted),
  • You have to pay more if you have smoking habits,
  • How much you can spend?

So, any compound to be used in veneers placement is always depend on the answers of above mentioned questions. If your requirement is just to repair a damaged front incisor tooth, you just need veneers that match the custom shade and it will cost you much less. Your dentist may select a combined veneer or else use a ready-to-go porcelain veneer fabricated at an advanced laboratory depending on your choice.

The number of teeth plays a significant role in total cost. If you need whole upper dental arch then the cost will sharply go up. At the same time, you will get a complete set from a full range of colors and you don’t have to match a single tooth color. Another good thing is that many dentists initially offer a trial run with veneers before going to permanent restoration.

Porcelain veneer manufacturing contents:

Veneers can be made from less expensive combined resins to more expensive high-end porcelain fashioned brilliantly in advanced laboratory. Veneers can also be hand-crafted. Some dentists use a proven feldspathic porcelain veneer while other may use leucite resistant porcelain veneers or lithium disilicate glass ceramic veneers. You must ask to your dentist why a specific type of veneer he/she is going to use in your treatment.

Porcelain veneers brands:

Various well known porcelain veneers brands are Empress, Durathin, da Vinci, Lumineers, Emax, Vivaneers, and Mac. You must discuss any tooth reduction involved in the veneer brand chosen by your dentist.

Feldspathic veneer is the most recommended method for healthy teeth while pressed porcelain for teeth prone to decay. It has been observed by many dentists that pressed porcelain veneers offers maximum fit, defends against marginal teeth degradation and keep your teeth effervescence. As longevity is always the key factor when you get teeth treatment; therefore, porcelain veneer is the first choice as it lasts between 10-15 years while traditionally combined veneers just last between 5-7 years.

You are advised to do some research on cost but your final decision should not be based only on the cost as there are lot of factors need to be taken into consideration for lasting results.

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