10 Wacky Facts about your Nails

  1. Nails and hair do not keep on growing after death contrary to what is often stated as fact. The truth is that the body dehydrates after death, resulting in an appearance of hair and nails that seem to grow.
  2. Finger nails grow faster than toe nails. Finger nails grow at the approximate rate of a half an inch every 100 days. If you bite your nails down to the flesh it takes at least a month to re-grow!
  3. Nails on longer fingers grow faster than nails on short fingers. Nails also grow faster on your dominant hand. So if you must bite your nails, concentrate on the middle finger of your right hand – if you are right handed.
  4. Massaging your finger tips will stimulate nail growth. So does typing on a keyboard.
  5. Nails grow much faster during pregnancy.
  6. Dry nails are mostly the result of not drinking enough. Unfortunately only water helps.
  7. A man’s nails grow faster than a woman’s. This does not make a man superior.
  8. Nails grow faster in warm sunny climates than in cold dark places. If you must bite your nails, move to Southern California.
  9. The older you are, the slower your nails grow.
  10. People biting nails do this out of habit. There is no medical cure. The only way to stop nail biting is to break the habit!