The Truth About A Pitbull Jaw Pressure

Did you know that Tazmanian Devil have the strongest jaw power of any land creature, with an amazing 5100 psi. A hyena is the second strongest with their jaw strength at 1000 psi. This means that a single bit from either one of these animals can do severe damage to you. Do you know where Pitbulls jaw power fits into this? But does this mean that they will lock their jaws when they bite and never let go?

I am sure that you have heard this before this at some point in your life, “Pit-bulls have lock jaw and if you get bit by one of these dogs you will not be able to get them off of you.” There is no doubt in my mind that if you get bit by this breed dog it’s going to hurt. They are extremely powerful, but they do not have any sort of locking mechanism that will not allow them to release their bite. If they did have this their jaw would need to be broken in order to release them.

Listen a dog is a dog. Some dogs have bad names, while others have labels of being a great family dog. We learn at a young age that you should label people; well you shouldn’t label dogs either. Pitbulls are one of the most intelligent and loving breeds. Their power placed into the wrong hands creates a deadly animal. It’s unfortunate that people are allowed to own a dog breed such as this if they abuse the power of them.

You can learn much more about powerful jaws of land and marine creates. The Nile crocodile has one of the most power jaws of all the marine creatures with a whopping 5000 psi. These are fun facts to learn.