3 Simple Business Ideas That Are Affordable

The start up cost is often one of the biggest concerns. It is also the biggest determinations of the type of business that you will be able to begin. This doesn’t mean that you are going to sacrifice the amount of money that you can potentially make.

Here are three simple business ideas that you can start-up that offer you an affordable initial cost, as well as a low overhead.

Idea #1: Ebay Reseller

This is a simple business that will not cost you more than a thousand dollars to startup. As an ebay reseller you are acting as a middle man for people who want to sell their unwanted items. You put them on ebay and you make a percentage of the sale. All you need to do is advertise your business.

Idea #2: Pressure Washing

Pressure washing equipment is fairly cheap. It’s cheap enough that you can very well make your money back the first week of business.

Idea #3: Junk Removal

If you already have a truck this can be a great business to start. Junk removal services can be advertised for free on craigslist and in your local area. There is no special equipment needed to get this business up and going.

These are only a small amount of very low cost businesses that you can startup. You can find an extensive list online. It would be beneficial if you first determine how much money that you have to put into the start-up of your business. Regardless of what this amount is, whether its $500 or $2,000 there is a business that you can start. Just because you are not putting a large amount of money into your business initially doesn’t mean that you will be unable to make the type of money that you are looking to make.