Did You Know That Link Popularity Is Still Key To Your Search Engine Marketing Efforts

It’s true! This is the one algorithm of the search engines that has not changed over the years. And there are no plans on this changing in the near or far future. This means that if you want to find the success that you desire in the search engines you will need to build a solid linking campaign.

There are many different methods to this. Most of them are free, but you will need to spend a good amount of time daily working on this. Or you can hire a company to handle this task for you. Either way that you go about this you will need to begin the efforts to improve your business.

Of course there is more to getting listed in the search engines then just link popularity. There are many on page factors that will help you to properly target the keywords phrases that you are looking for. You will need to anchor the links that are pointing into your website with the keywords that you are targeting. If you look at the websites in the top positions of the search engines and you reverse engineer their website you will find that they have thousands of incoming links with minimal outgoing links.

Search engine traffic is the best source of highly targeted traffic. It actually accounts for 80% of the traffic that will come to your website.  This is why so many Small Business websites desire this type of exposure.

You can learn more about the different search engines and their specific algorithms to aid you in finding your listing in the search results for any of the keywords that are relative to your website. You will have no problem finding a ton of information online about this. Take your time learning more about it.