Who Should You See For A Facelift? A Plastic Surgeon or a Facelift Dentist?

Face Lift Dentistry ®

Face Lift Dentistry - Before and After

Face Lift Dentistry - Before and After

Peak dental health can be achieved with Face Lift Dentistry ®. (Read more about Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist, Sam Muslin.)

The Dental Face Lift ® achieves transcendent improvement on three levels: health, bite and appearance:

  • Health – Your past dental work did its job and did it well. But now, the first part of the Dental Face Lift process involves removing all tooth decay, old fillings and old dental crowns on every tooth.  All this is replaced with biologically compatible dentistry that is free of decay and infection. It immediately improves the oral health of each patient.
  • Bite – The doctor then coordinates the bite with the jaw joint. By rebuilding the bite to harmonize with the jaw, the patient benefits because of better chewing efficiency. This means increased comfort, stress reduction of the jaw joint and more natural facial musculature.
  • Appearance – The patient’s appearance improves. They look younger. They speak more clearly. They feel better about themselves. This contributes to their total wellness and well being.

Face Lift Dentistry ® combines art and science to holistically improve each patient.

The Face Life Dentistry ® Approach

The uniqueness of each patient makes the evaluation process critical. The dentist must take into account:

  • The length of the lips
  • The shape of the jaw
  • The way the jaw currently functions while chewing and when at rest

Sometimes the patient’s upper jaw is smaller than the lower. If this is the case, the face-lift dentist must artistically adjust the dental care to make the upper jaw appear larger.

Facial and lip support to help create clear speech are developed technically and artistically.

A superior level of technical and artistic skill is necessary for the dentist to craft the perfect veneers.

The dentist also needs to understand how a patient pronounces their “S” sounds. This speaks to teeth alignment and teeth alignment affects the patient’s speech clarity.

Face Life Dentistry ® Changes Lives

The potential results are life changing and are permanent. Once treatment is completed, it’s difficult for patient’s friends or family to discover why the patient looks so much better.

As for the patients, well, when the “before and after photos” are viewed, the change is obvious but, without the photos, the patients usually have no memory of their old image.

Many patients feel validated and proud that they chose the best level of cosmetic dentistry.

Over the years, only maintenance is required.